We are the heroes of our time, 1st time solo day-hike – Tongariro Crossing

March 2016.
It was the first time I went for a solo day hike
I was excited
2004… 2013..2014 – few years, several times that something happened and I could not do it.
What will bring this time ?!
At the past it was the weather, the mountain, the trail .. and so on and on…
Finally – 2016 I manage to do it
I already booked accommodation once and cancel and then again and I said, I’m going for that no matter what. the weather looks great, all been arranged and then again…… the weather look OMG – and not for the good hand.
No wayyyyy. Not againnnnnnnn.
All been already paid, can’t get any refound – G..   F%$#   I’m going.

We were together 11 years, we met in NZ and we wanted to do this hike together..
I could not sleep the night before, not for a single minute… Could not believe I’m there for my first travel-solo again (when I got to NZ in 2004 I arrived on my own and met him..), felt like I’m making, re-creating my new-true story.
This time as a single.. but this hike was only 2 months after my divorce
Can you imagine all the feelings I had inside ?
Happiness and sadness, brave and strange (not fear, as around me were 1200 people ! )

This why I made this video.. reminder: “we are the heroes of our life”


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