Why I changed my mind about positive thinking

  During the years I’ve tried that – the positive thinking Who doesn’t ? Even though my close friends consider me the optimistic and energetic one, sometimes even me – I know, that will shock you (haha) falling into the [...] Read more

Time to say goodbye

Most of the time saying goodbye it isn’t so easy. Most of us prefer not to face it. Even myself… I’ve done everything, sometimes telling myself stories that everything will be ok”, just not to face the situation. Saying goodbye [...] Read more

Make the move or you’ll be moved

  I don’t know what into me, when I enter the apartment we used to live together in the past few years. Without any feelings, moved like a robot, open boxes and split between what is mine and his. Letters I wrote, gifts I bought, clothes and much more. He [...] Read more

Why it is so important to take a break ?

While I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in front of the sea, after a short walk and stressful week. I few people that I shared with, asked me “don’t you think you took too much on yourself ?” Or “can’t [...] Read more

How am I looking at things when they aren’t working the way I want them to be ?

“I want us to be friends“ he looks at me with his blue eyes. That’s what I wanted too; although I had something inside that I couldn’t understand. They say: if you want to get over an old love – [...] Read more

Why flight are more than just to get to new places ?

The moment that you feel the plane’s wheels leaves one ground and after a while touching new ground… Wow, I can’t describe how excited it i. That feeling… For some people, it is a vacation. For me … I think [...] Read more

How I lift myself up after I thought I could never hike again ?

2009 hiking in Nepal…   I didn’t believe I would hike again. Langtang .. that was the first track that we did. There were some moments that I was walking and crying. I took deep breath several times, not because [...] Read more

Why we need to hug more ? 🙂

I hugged him so close, that didn’t want to let him go. I wished to myself to have another moment from this hug, as I don’t know when will be the next time… When he let me go, I allow [...] Read more

Am I less than anybody else ?

Am I less than anybody else ?  It was the middle of the night. She was sure I would be sleeping or busy. Deep inside she wished for me to txt her back (she shared with me later). “You know [...] Read more

Why I got cold feet before my visit as well as afraid to leave ?

I was waiting four months for that. I haven’t seen them more than one and a half year. To be honest, it felt that I haven’t seen them since November 2012 as I wasn’t really there… just physically. Although I [...] Read more

Why is it important to imagine ?

Bangkok. Sitting in a cafe near the hotel where I was staying. We met for the last time more than two years ago. I was different Liat… someone that even myself didn’t know. It was a “touching” meeting as if we [...] Read more

Should I stop writing ? … It isn’t a piece of history; it is life. Amsterdam

Maybe I choose wrong. Have I completely wrong ? maybe it is a huge mistake that I’m not willing to pay the price. I’ve got hurt too much during the last few years. Maybe I should stop… “When I write [...] Read more