We are the heroes of our time, 1st time solo day-hike – Tongariro Crossing

March 2016. It was the first time I went for a solo day hike I was excited 2004… 2013..2014 – few years, several times that something happened and I could not do it. What will bring this time ?! Read more

Why flight are more than just to get to new places ?

The moment that you feel the plane’s wheels leaves one ground and after a while touching new ground… Wow, I can’t describe how excited it i. That feeling… For some people, it is a vacation. For me … I think [...] Read more

Should I stop writing ? … It isn’t a piece of history; it is life. Amsterdam

Maybe I choose wrong. Have I completely wrong ? maybe it is a huge mistake that I’m not willing to pay the price. I’ve got hurt too much during the last few years. Maybe I should stop… “When I write [...] Read more