Wonder Li(at)

Hi there.

Nice to meet - I'm Liat.

A sociable but bit shy 🙂
My initiative wonder Li, base on my personal journey.

I'm inspired by life. My experiences brought me time after time, to never give up.
This blog is kind of "breaking a barrier" and totally bring me to go out from my comfort zone (especially since English is not my native language) .

Throughout my life, mostly from 2014 and on.., I had a lot of challenges.
Some good, some... let's say much less.
Various of experiences with which I re-discovered my love for writing and photography.
Those moments evoked a deep understanding:
Life is one big inspiration thing and everything has a wonder - visible or invisible.

I decided to share my experiences, challenges, travels and other..  simply because I realized that this might be the only way I can spread my vision:

To inspire and empower others, as I believe that everything is possible, we just need to create our own journey - even if not in the way we always think.

I started my professional journey in management in different varieties industries, specialize in marketing, operation, HR, administration and for few years it was next to fitness and rehab Pilates trainer.

Although I've worked in different fields and roles, I always focused on recognizing, understanding the company's needs and finding solutions for efficiency.
From my first role: efficiency, order and organize in a short time become the first thing that I've done in every position and place I arrive to.

However, next to my professional life and studies, over the years, I have dealt with various of situations next to barriers that prevented me from directing my life as I had hoped and wish for myself.

Because of those barriers, I prevented myself from experiencing pleasure, release and real joy – those were only but moments.

Exploration, studies and experiences have led me to understand that my fulfillment will be expressed by giving to others (that is why since 2013 I found myself writing a blog in order to helped Israeli travelers in New Zealand).

My approach is based on personal experiences that I have had over the years, which can be read on the blog's website.

Next to personal experiences, there are connections to other fields in which I have studied and specialized, such as Group Coaching, Physical training, Rehabilitation Pilates, Business Management, Psychology, Sociology, Literature and more, just because I try not to stop learning 🙂

The unique way that I "map" my life as well as the person in-front of me, expressed by the lack of judgment. I understand that there our past affects the conduct out present and we all do what we saw for the best to do at the moment we have done and from here ... you can only think about what to do intention to create a better life.

With my professional and personal tools next to knowledge, I want to help people to connect to their "gut feelings", express themselves in a free and happy way, accompanied with lots of harmony and love.
I'll be happy to hear about your success or thought and please do not hesitate to write if you have any question through the contact page.

For good news and love

Bottom of my heart

Sincerely yours,